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The extra text has been removed from Free Printables Part 1(the spirelli template) so you can print the template directly onto the card stock you will be using to make the spirelli for this card. A spirelli is made by wrapping thread or other string around a notched cut-out to form a design.

Free Printables Part 2(For You..., Best Wishes, Congratulations, and Thank You) are only available in blue, so if you want to use one of these for your card, you will need light blue card stock, dark blue card stock, and dark blue embroidery thread for this project. Otherwise, use card stock in colors of your choice and any type of thread or string.

Start with a blank light blue greeting card, or cut and fold your own, that is 5" X 6.5" . Use a 4.5" X 6" piece of dark blue card stock for the background, center this on your card and glue it in place.

Print the spirelli template onto the back of a piece of light blue card stock. Carefully cut this out with a pair of scissors or a small razor knife and cutting mat.

spirelli instructions

Now you will be wrapping thread around the spirelli according to the numbers indicated on the template. Secure one end of the string to the back of your spirelli with tape. You will start winding the thread starting at position 1.

spirelli instructions

Continue winding by next going to position 2, then 3... continue until you get to position 32 then secure the other end of the thread with tape. Turn your design around and you will see your spirelli. Glue this to the front of your card.

spirelli instructions spirelli instructions

spirelli instructions spirelli instructions

spirelli instructions spirelli instructions

To finish the card, choose one of the greetings and cut it out. Also cut out a rectangle from light blue card stock that is a little larger than the printable. Mount the greeting to the small rectangle of card stock with glue then center and adhere this to your card front. Embellish as desired.

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