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Iris Folding: Getting Started
The following pages contain a complete lesson plan on how to iris fold. By the time you have completed this lesson, you will have all the basic information you need to complete the other free patterns available on this site. See our idea gallery and message board to learn how to turn your iris folding designs into beautiful handmade greeting cards and learn more advanced card making techniques utilizing iris folding. But first, let's get started with this simple heart pattern...

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This video was made by one of our message board members, Jen, and demonstrates iris folding. In the video she is demonstrating a different heart pattern but you can apply the same techniques to the heart and other patterns available here.

How to Make an Iris Folded Heart:

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To complete this project you will need:

  • A piece of cardstock that is larger than the pattern
  • 3 different papers, each about 6 inches X 6 inches
  • Scissors or craft knife and cutting board
  • Scotch tape
  • Removable tape(masking tape or blue painter's tape)

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    Don't have any fancy paper? Print some for free here: They are tiles made for tea bag folding, but the seamless tiles available work great for the projects posted on this site. You'll have to look through them to see which are available without white lines through them.

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