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Lesson 1:
How To Make a Basic Kite Fold


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Tea Bag Folding Lesson 1: Making Kites

To proceed to the next lessons, you will first need to know how to make the basic kites. Each tea bag folded medallion uses at least 8 of these kites. In lessons 2 and 3, you will learn how to use these kites to make an 8 piece or a 16 piece medallion.

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Now, move your keyboard out of the way and let's start folding!

To make your first kite, start with one, cut tea bag tile. Lay it face down on your desk, or other surface, and fold point A to point B.
how to fold step one how to fold step one

Open the tea bag tile back up and you should have a nice crease. Next, fold point A over, along the center crease line.
how to fold step one how to fold step one

Now, repeat the last step with point B, fold it over to the center crease line, forming a point at the bottom of your kite. Next, turn it over and view your first kite!
how to fold step one how to fold step one

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    Lesson 1:
    How to Make a Basic Kite Fold

    Lesson 2:
    Make an 8 Piece Kite Medallion

    Lesson 3:
    Make a 16 Piece Kite Medallion

    Lesson 4:
    Make a 16 Piece Half-Kite Medallion

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